Custom Made Indoor Squabs

To create cosy nooks, an indoor squab is the ideal finishing touch. Custom-made to your exact measurements, style and budget, choose from a huge range of top quality fabrics from Sunbrella, Planosol and Warwick Fabrics.
The Canvas Company is well known for manufacturing top quality custom-made outdoor and indoor squabs, loungers, daybeds, and outdoor cushions that suit your style, measurements and budget perfectly.
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Great for any space

With indoor-outdoor flow and exposure to the elements, it’s important to choose the right fabric for your job. With our years of experience, we can help you choose the right fabric from our huge range of high performance fabrics that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Customise your finish

Seamed or piped edge? You can have whichever you prefer. Our gallery shows you what these different finishes look like - take a look.

sunbrella fabrics on pillows

Lifetime guarantee

All our fabrics come with extensive warranties. Although they differ from brand to brand, they start from 2 years and go through to 10. You can have confidence in our workmanship: our manufacturing comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Get a quote

There are just 4 quick steps to get a quote, starting with dimensions. For the quickest response, please provide as much information as possible, including photos.


Measure the length, width and height

Send us the length, width, height and any photos you have of your furniture.

Sunbrella Makers

Select Your Fabric

We have a large selection outdoor marine grade and soft furnishing fabrics for your squabs, cushions and bean bags. Sunbrella and Dickson fabric both have a 5 year warranty against fading and deterioration, Planosol has a 7 year UV warranty and Warwick a 2 year UV warranty.

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Made by the Canvas Company Label on Squab

Standard Teteron Wrapped High Density Foam

The perfect choice for squabs in your indoor or outdoor living area that is not getting exposed to the weather all year round. The density of this foam will keep it supportive for years to come. We use a firm foam (MF26150) for the seats and a softer foam (MF6150) for the backs.

Custom Squabs with Piped Edge



Seamed Edge

Explore Fabrics & Colours

We use marine grade fabrics from Sunbrella and Planosol, as well as a range of outdoor soft furnishing and upholstery fabrics from Sunbrella and Warwick.

Sunbrella Makers

Request free fabric samples

If you would like to touch and feel the canvas products before you shop online, you are welcome to call in to our warehouse or we can post samples in the mail.

Commercial Projects
The Canvas Company works with some of NZ’s largest brands on customized commercial projects. These are all based on building a relationship and working together to achieve an outcome everyone is happy with. Whether its deadlines, price, availability of fabric, sampling we are more than happy to discuss your requirements.
"Great products, great prices with excellent service and delivered to my door in the Wairarapa. The only company I would use for fantastic outdoor squabs"
"I cant recommend The Canvas Company enough. Fantastic customer service - easy to get hold of and really quick responses. Went out of their way to make sure the covers were perfect. Thank you!"
"We have ordered customised product from The Canvas Company a number of times. Product quality is top level and ready on time. We appreciate the superb communication and friendly service. Couldnt ask for more!"
"The Canvas Company customer services were really excellent and helpful. They were knowledgeable about their products and friendly courteous, going over and beyond what I would normally expect from Internet shopping. Loving my been bags!"
"The Canvas Company made it easy to order a set of squabs for our new outdoor dining chairs. They sent us a range of fabric samples to choose from and answered my questions quickly. Its definitely worth getting them custom-made, they look amazing."
"Highly recommend the team at the Canvas Company, I was also referred by a friend and have referred many others already. Efficient, friendly great communication and lots of options to choose from."
"The Canvas Company were great to deal with. Their knowledge and experience was superb and the custom finished product has enhanced our outdoor area. The service was quick and efficient. They covered every aspect with great detail. I will be using The Canvas Company again in future. Thanks for a great product. Kylie Shipley"
"Emma and the team answered my questions quickly, and the finished product (outdoor furniture covers) were even better than I had expected. Well done team!"
"Have bought two full sized market umbrellas as well as had two replacement canvas covers for directors chairs from this Company. all products have been excellent. The Company delivers on its promises and we haven't been disappointed. Would use again."
Graham Baker
"I have used the Canvas Company now on a number of occasions, both for outdoor furniture covers and also outdoor bean bags. They provide a great customer experience, their prices are the best around and the products they produce are of a high quality. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again."
"The Canvas Company have supplied a quality product with great workmanship. We are so pleased with how the product looks on our outside furniture and the ease of covering or uncovering our tables & chairs. Rather than storing our furniture in the winter we can now use it anytime and know it is protected from the elements when not in use. The fabric does not rattle in the wind, therefore we are not woken in the night. A great solution for us. "
"The Canvas Company have been excellent to deal with in terms of advice and production. The squabs the company made for me are first class in every respect, and the company staff have been very helpful at all stages. I will definitely use The Canvas Company again and would recommend them to anyone needing outdoor furnishing products"
"This company has been lovely to deal with, providing good practical advice on options and helping me refine my order. They produced the outdoor squabs for my deck, which were irregular shapes, in a timely fashion and they fitted perfectly. Well done, thank you"
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Request fabric samples

If you would like to touch and feel the canvas products before you shop online, please fill out the form below. We can post samples in the mail.

  • Browse our fabric range. For Warwick samples, please contact them directly.
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Aitken Job
Indoor Squabs
Browse our fabric range
Warwick Indoor Fabric
Mirren Natural
Mirren Delft
Mirren Charcoal
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Taupe
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Stone
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Seafoam
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Midnight
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Ivory
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Grey
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Forest
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Electric
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Daffodil
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Coal
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Blush
Flemington by Warwick Fabric – Terracotta
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – Terracotta
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – Taupe
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – Stone
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – Seafoam
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – Midnight (Navy)
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – Grey
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – Forest
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – Electric
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – Daffodil
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – Coal (Black)
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – Blush
Sylvester by Warwick Fabric – White
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Thunder
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Thistle
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Teal
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Sky
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Sand
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Pewter
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Nectar
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Mist
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Ivory
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Honey
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Espresso
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Denim
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Clay
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Biscuit
Ramsey by Warwick Fabric – Anchor
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Terracotta
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Sprout
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Snow
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Shadow
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Sesame
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Sapphire
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Royal
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Pumice
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Pool
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Pine
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Pearl
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Ochre
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Mushroom
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Mist
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Java
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Gull
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Ecru
Bingle by Warwick Fabric – Blossom
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Walnut
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Steel
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Sepia
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Scarlet
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Navy
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Moss
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Linen
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Forest
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Denim
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Cloud
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Charcoal
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Amber
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Pumice
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Alloy
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Ink
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Lake
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Denim
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Silver
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Clay
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Maize
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Pine
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Eucalyptus
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Dusty Blue
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Oatmeal
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Rosewater
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Ecru
Chambray by Warwick Fabric – Ash
Minya by Warwick Fabric – Paprika
Minya by Warwick Fabric – Coral
Minya by Warwick Fabric – Camelia
Minya by Warwick Fabric – Bouquet
Minya by Warwick Fabric – Azure
Medina by Warwick Fabric – Pistachio
Medina by Warwick Fabric – Paprika
Medina by Warwick Fabric – Coral
Medina by Warwick Fabric – Camelia
Medina by Warwick Fabric – Bouquet
Medina by Warwick Fabric – Azure
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Grey
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Seafoam
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Laurel
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Electric
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Ocean
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Navy
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Evergreen
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Pine
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Moss
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Pickle
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Honey
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Gold
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Carrot
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Rust
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Fuschia
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Violet
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Aubergine
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Rose
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Blush
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Bark
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Taupe
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Oatmeal
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Bone
Caulfield by Warwick Fabric – Snow
Casey by Warwick Fabric – Ivory
Noyack by Warwick Fabric – Valencia
Noyack by Warwick Fabric – Spruce
Noyack by Warwick Fabric – Shadow
Noyack by Warwick Fabric – Salt
Noyack by Warwick Fabric – Poppy
Noyack by Warwick Fabric – Pepper
Noyack by Warwick Fabric – Orchid
Noyack by Warwick Fabric – Mist
Noyack by Warwick Fabric – Gerbera
Noyack by Warwick Fabric – Earth
Noyack by Warwick Fabric – Coal
Vance by Warwick – Natural
Vance by Warwick – Ice
Vance by Warwick – Ochre
Vance by Warwick – Navy
Vance by Warwick – Berry
Warwick Outdoor/Indoor Fabric - Macedon Collection
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Terracotta
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Sherbet
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Reef
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Possum
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Pool
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Pebble
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Panda
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Navy
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Grass
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Forest
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Fawn
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Chalk
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Caviar
Warwick Fabrics – Macedon Birch
Warwick Outdoor/Indoor Fabric - Akito Collection
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Walnut
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Terracotta
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Steel
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Sky
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Silver
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Seafoam
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Sand
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Onyx
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Ocean
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Natural
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Marigold
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Fossil
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Forest
Akito by Warwick Fabric – Blush
Warwick Outdoor/Indoor Fabric - Senada Collection
Warwick – Lomani Shell
Warwick – Lomani Pumice
Warwick Senada Collection – Palawan Ocean
Warwick Senada Collection – Palawan Navy
Warwick Senada Collection – Palawan Jungle
Warwick Senada Collection – Palawan Forest
Warwick Senada Collection – Palawan Coral
Warwick Senada Collection – Palo Natural
Warwick Senada Collection – Palo Jet
Warwick Senada Collection – Palo Forest
Warwick Senada Collection – Palo Celadon
Warwick Senada Collection – Senada Ocean
Warwick Senada Collection – Senada Navy
Warwick Senada Collection – Senada Jungle
Warwick Senada Collection – Senada Forest
Warwick Senada Collection – Senada Coral
Warwick Senada Collection – Sosa Silver
Warwick Senada Collection – Sosa Sand
Warwick Senada Collection – Sosa Palm
Warwick Senada Collection – Sosa Ocean
Warwick Senada Collection – Sosa Navy
Warwick Senada Collection – Sosa Natural
Warwick Senada Collection – Sosa Jet
Warwick Senada Collection – Sosa Forest
Warwick Senada Collection – Sosa Coral
Warwick Senada Collection – Sosa Celadon
Warwick Senada Collection – Loreto Ocean
Warwick Senada Collection – Loreto Navy
Warwick Senada Collection – Loreto Jungle
Warwick Senada Collection – Loreto Forest
Warwick Senada Collection – Loreto Coral
Warwick Senada Collection – Hildago Sand
Warwick Senada Collection – Hildago Ocean
Warwick Senada Collection – Hildago Jet
Warwick Senada Collection – Hildago Coral
Warwick Senada Collection – Corozal Silver
Warwick Senada Collection – Corozal Celadon
Warwick Senada Collection – Corozal Sand
Warwick Senada Collection – Corozal Ocean
Warwick Senada Collection – Corozal Palm
Warwick Senada Collection – Corozal Navy
Warwick Senada Collection – Corozal Natural
Warwick Senada Collection – Corozal Jet
Warwick Senada Collection – Corozal Forest
Warwick Senada Collection – Corozal Coral
Warwick Senada Collection – Altamira Ochre
Warwick Senada Collection – Altamira Ocean
Warwick Senada Collection – Altamira Navy
Warwick Senada Collection – Altamira Natural
Warwick Senada Collection – Altamira Forest
Sunbrella Elements Collection
Sunbrella Cast Breeze
Sunbrella Furniture Fabric Textures Collection
Sunbrella Function Midnight
Warwick Outdoor/Indoor Fabric - Kuata Collection
Warwick Fabrics – Kuata Basalt
Warwick Fabrics – Kuata Driftwood
Warwick Fabrics – Kuata Gull
Warwick Fabrics – Kuata Hibiscus
Warwick Fabrics – Kuata Lagoon
Warwick Fabrics Fabrics- Kuata Lobster
Warwick Fabrics Fabrics- Kuata Marine
Warwick Fabrics Fabrics- Kuata Orca
Warwick Fabrics Fabrics- Kuata Oyster
Warwick Fabrics Fabrics- Kuata Palm
Warwick Fabrics Fabrics- Kuata Pumice
Warwick Fabrics Fabrics- Kuata Reef
Warwick Fabrics Fabrics- Kuata Sand
Warwick Fabrics Fabrics- Kuata Stone
Warwick Fabrics – Kuata Sunshine
Warwick Outdoor/Indoor Fabric - Mykonos Collection
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Sunshine
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Stone
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Seafoam
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Sand
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Pumice
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Port
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Pewter
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Palm
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Ocean
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Navy
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Melon
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Lobster
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Jet
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Glacier
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Forest
Warwick Fabric – Mykonos Driftwood
Warwick Fabrics – Mykonos Coral
Warwick Fabrics – Mykonos Cobalt
Warwick Fabrics – Mykonos Cloud
Warwick Fabrics – Mykonos Cascade
Warwick Outdoor/Indoor Fabric - Tulum Collection
Warwick Fabrics – Tulum Stone
Warwick Fabrics – Tulum Sand
Warwick Fabrics – Tulum Pumice
Warwick Fabrics – Tulum Palm
Warwick Fabrics – Tulum Ocean
Warwick Fabrics – Tulum Melon
Warwick Fabrics – Tulum Marine
Warwick Fabrics – Tulum Lobster
Warwick Fabrics – Tulum Ash
Warwick Fabrics – Tulum Pumice
Warwick Fabrics – Lomani Sunshine
Warwick Fabrics – Lomani Lime
Warwick Fabrics – Lomani Stone
Warwick Fabrics – Kona Tan
Warwick Fabrics – Kona Sunshine
Warwick Fabrics – Kona Hibiscus
Warwick Fabrics – Kona Marine
Warwick Fabrics – Kona Calippo
Warwick Fabrics – Kona Lime
Warwick Fabrics – Lomani Sand
Warwick – Lomani Ocean
Warwick Fabrics – Lomani Pebble
Warwick Fabrics – Lomani Lagoon
Warwick Fabrics – Lomani Navy
Warwick Fabrics – Lomani Hibiscus
Warwick – Lomani Cloud
Warwick Fabrics – Lomani Calippo
Warwick – Lomani Ash
Warwick Fabrics – Mallacoota Stone
Warwick Fabrics – Mallacoota Sand
Warwick Fabrics – Mallacoota Turquoise
Warwick Fabrics – Mallacoota Cobalt
Warwick Fabrics – Mallacoota Ocean
Warwick Fabrics – Mallacoota Melon
Warwick Fabrics – Mallacoota Marine
Warwick Outdoor/Indoor Fabric - Nanuya Collection
Warwick Fabrics – Nanuya Sand
Warwick Fabrics – Yasawa Sand
Warwick Fabrics – Matacawa Sand
Warwick Fabrics – Nanuya Reef
Warwick Fabrics – Matacawa Reef
Warwick Fabrics – Nanuya Palm
Warwick Fabrics – Yasawa Palm
Warwick Fabrics – Matacawa Palm
Warwick Fabrics – Yasawa Reef
Warwick Fabrics – Matacawa Marine
Warwick Fabrics – Yasawa Marine
Warwick Fabrics – Nanuya Hibiscus
Warwick Fabrics – Yasawa Hibiscus
Warwick Fabrics – Matacawa Hibiscus
Warwick Fabrics – Nanuya Marine
Warwick Fabrics – Nanuya Lobster
Warwick Fabrics – Yasawa Lobster
Warwick Fabrics – Matacawa Lobster
Warwick Fabrics – Nanuya Gull
Warwick Fabrics – Matacawa Gull
Warwick Fabrics – Yasawa Gull
Warwick Fabrics – Yasawa Basalt
Warwick Fabrics – Nanuya Basalt
Warwick Fabrics – Matacawa Basalt
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