Tips on how to fill your bean bag

Filling a bean bag can be a messy and prolonged activity. Here at The Canvas Company, there have been countless hours of our staff vacuuming up beans all through the warehouse. From our experience of filling bean bags, we have come up with a guide on how to fill yours with minimal mess.

Step 1: Find a corner of a room with a flat bench top. Have your vacuum cleaner on standby.

We recommend using a corner in case any spillage happens and this way any spillage can be contained in a small area, rather than be scattered all around your house. It is important to have a flat benchtop as this will make filling the bean bag a whole lot easier. It takes a bit of practice to master this process, so having your vacuum cleaner on standby is a no-brainer.

Step 2: Locate the zip on both the Bean Bag and bean liner.

When you have found a suitable location and are ready to start filling, first locate the zip on both the bean bag and the bean liner. Put the liner inside the bean bag cover making sure both zips are facing outward.

Step 3: Use a clip, clamp, or clothes peg and create an opening off the edge of the benchtop

The next step is to create an opening which you feed the beans into. If you have someone nearby who can help you, this may be the easiest way, have them hold the bean bag mouth open. If this is not possible, use a clip, clamp, or peg to clamp the mouth of the bean bag to the edge of your tabletop. If your setup looks similar to the image below, you are on the right track!


Step 4: You are now ready to start filling. Use a funnel or cut a small hole in the top corner of your bean bag filling.

Have your beans lying on top of your benchtop, you can use a funnel or cut a small piece off the corner of your bean bag filling and slowly allow the beans to pour into the bean bag liner.

Step 5: Continue filling to your desired volume.

Everyone enjoys their bean bag with different amounts of filling so this part is up to you. However, we have a rough recommendation for the volume of beans for each model of bean bag.
Teardrop: 200L
Teardrop XL: 280L
Lazy Sunday: 200L
Lounger: 250L
Floating Pool bean bag: 350-400L


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