Custom Made Outdoor Blinds

A great addition to your outdoor space.

Outdoor blinds are a great addition to your outdoor living space, allowing you to enjoy entertaining family and friends without having to worry about the weather. Custom made outdoor blinds will be the best choice for your home or business, as they are measured, cut and installed to your exact specifications. Protected throughout the year, with your own sense of privacy, you will enjoy spending more time enjoying life outdoors.

If you’re blinds aren’t custom made, there could be lots of gaps that allow insects or weather to penetrate your enclosed outdoor entertainment area. Custom made blinds will also look neat and tidy in your area, complimenting your existing structure, décor and colours.

When considering the purchase of outdoor shade blinds or outdoor PVC blinds, it’s important to ask your retailer about how the blinds are made and installed. Exterior blinds should always be installed by a trained professional who is an expert in the products they sell.

Measuring prior to orderings and installation is very important to ensuring the blind is made to your specific requirements. Ziptrak® outdoor blinds come in six different standard colours, and the option of a head box (or pelmet). You can learn more about the product options available from Ziptrak® here.

Ziptrak® retailers are trained to measure the openings accurately and provide the best possible solution to enclosing your space.


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