VELCROŽ Brand - Self Adhesive

Our product is a heavy duty industrial product, that will survive most elements thrown at it. It will survive in the wet, and in the sun for many years. Our self adhesive is a generic peal and stick product, that performs well with adequate surface preparation and cleaning prior to application.

For sewing applications or applications where you wish to use your own solvent or adhesive to bond - please see our sew-on range as that is the product for you. Where a long term bond is sort, and time is not of the essence in application, it is our recommendation for people to use sew-on product with a solvent or adhesive purchased from an adhesive specialist.

Hook is the rough, scratchy part - in self adhesive it mostly used to put onto signs, banners, or posters to put up on their walls in the classroom, or on the walls already lined at expos.

Loop is the soft, fluffy part – in most applications is applied to the wall/more permanent surface of the pair. It is common to purchase it to be a wider than hook tape.