FEND - Intelligent Surface Protection

Fend Fabric & Footwear is a water based spray on solution which dries to form a 100 nanometer-thin, clear, flexible coating. It can be applied to almost any fabric. This is the Rolls Royce of fabric protection

Fend Fabric & Footwear can sprayed on easily, creating a hydrophobic (waterproof), anti-microbial, easy-to-clean barrier that will last from a few months on fabrics that endure a lot of abrasion, to several years on fabrics that aren’t subjected to any abrasion.

Fend is perfect for the Marine Industry when you want to protect your boat from the elements, without polluting them.  Help keep your marine fabrics free from stains and growths, and create self-cleaning hard surfaces that stay cleaner and clearer in wet weather.

Fend products are all water based, and don’t pollute or contaminate the environment, or pose a health risk to the user. This means you’re both guilt free and worry free using Fend.

Watch the FEND instructional video to see how to apply Fend to your fabric