Dynaproof Waterproofing

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We sell Canvas and make Canvas products, this proofing is the best product we have come across over the past 36 years.

Waterproofing treatment and mildew repellent for Canvas Goods. This product is ideal if you have a large canvas family tent, horse covers and general canvas goods. For the best results make sure you are going onto a clean face fabric and simply apply with a brush. This can also be put through a spray unit if you have one.

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"I was looking for a waterproofer for my two canvas horse covers, as I had been sorely disappointed by the last lot I bought. This failed half way through last winter and was it was a pain to wash and dry covers in the wet! I found Dynaproof on-line with the promise of a superior product and have not been disappointed. Contact was friendly and prompt, it arrived quickly, was easy to apply, and with all the heavy rain we're having it is still keeping the horses dry. I am planning to use it again next year"

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