Meet the team

Introducing the Team

Brendan Smith

Brendan has been with the Company most of his life on and off/in-between travel and other ventures. Brendan heads up the Canvas Company and Inkjet Media in NZ. 
Contact Brendan:
0274 802 869

  Emma Brown

Emma looks after everything website, administration, purchasing and the co-ordinaton of manufacturing jobs.
Contact Emma:
(09) 441 7123

  Suzanne Edmonds

Suzanne is our Accounts Administrator. Please contact Suzanne for any debtor or creditor enquiries. 

Contact Suzanne:

Kathy Brown

Kathy has been with TCC for 36 years and as many of you will know can stitch or fix pretty much anything.....Kathy has cut back her hours to enjoy her hobby of travelling round the world on trips to North America and Europe. For any customers wanting work done by Kathy please call and book first.

  Tara Durey

Tara heads up most of our manufacturing with outdoor squabs, PVC screens, been bags, table and BBQ covers. Tara is also a marine trimmer and has 26 years experience in this industry.


Mel makes all the Cool stuff that leaves the Warehouse.
NZ made.

Mitch Smith
Mitchell is in charge of all the inward and outward goods and is the Warehouse manager at The Canvas Company.